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Ice your cake like a Professional!


Bring the pan out of the oven, and your delicious homemade cake is ready! 

But wait, don't you feel something is missing? Something that will add value to your freshly baked cake by putting in visual and toothsome pleasure.


Don't miss out on the last step of garnishing the cake with some icing! Whether it be a simple cake for regular cravings or an artistic looking cake for an occasion, a cake never seems complete without the icing over it. Icing a cake might seem like a professional's work, but after reading this article, it will be a simple cakewalk for you! 


You can not only decorate your cake with your own homemade icing but also choose the type of icing you want to decorate with! Today, we will discuss 6 different types of icing, where to use them and even, how to make them.


Butter cream can be used for both, decorating a cake as well as filling the inside of it. Custard powder, icing sugar and water are mixed together and whipped with butter solution. This gives a rich creamy icing which is softer and more spreadable than most other options. The cream melts easily in hot weather and so must be kept in a refrigerator.


Whipped cream, otherwise known as Chantilly cream, gives a lighter frosting option. It can be simply made by cold whipping together heavy cream and icing sugar till light and fluffy. It enhances the taste of the cake and will be your favorite icing option! 


Glace icing is the simplest kind of icing for decorating your cake. Icing sugar is combined with water to form a thin consistency. It is ready to be drizzled or poured over the tops of your homemade cakes and cookies and forms a shiny hard crust when set.


Royal icing is traditionally used to decorate dense fruit cakes. Made by beating together egg whites, icing sugar, cornstarch and lime juice, it looks like a pure white and fluid paste. This icing is excellent for decoration before baking and looks smooth, hard and matte when dry. 


Fondant is used mainly for celebration cakes as it is a heavy frosting that can be easily sculpted. Basic ingredients include water, icing sugar, gelatin and glycerin. They are all mixed into a smooth batter, cooked till you reach a temperature of 115°C and then cooled down. This gives the ideal texture to a fondant that can be stretched and carved without tearing.


Frosting is a perfect option for decorating various kinds of cupcakes and pastries like red velvet, carrot cake, etc. Icing sugar, fat, water and custard powder is brought to ambient temperature and whipped together. A bit heavier than most types of cake icing, frosting adds all the creamy and cheesy deliciousness to your cake!


You must have noticed that the sole ingredient that is common in all these types of icing is icing sugar itself. If you are interested in taking your icing skills to the next level, then your icing sugar should be one whose finely powdered granules mixes well with the rest of the ingredients. Premium Icing Sugar by Trust blends like magic with your flavors and enhances your icing by giving it an enriched taste. Add a bakery vibe to your cake and win everyone's heart!


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