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A Healthy bite of summery Zucchini Bread


In these hot months of summer, something moist and refreshing is all we want! And what's better than a fresh green zucchini! A zucchini bread is a quick flavourful bite for your breakfast, evening snack, or even dessert.


The interesting part is that you can also bake zucchini muffins with the same recipe. Molasses rich Sunehra Mineral Brown Sugar by Trust, pinch of nutmeg and cozy cinnamon is all you need to spice up summer's favorite vegetable in the way you want!


Grab the below ingredients and get ready for a summer delight!

-188g (1.5 cups) all-purpose flour 

-120ml (0.5 cup) vegetable oil 

-Medium (1 cup) shredded zucchini 

-270g (1.5 cup) Sunehra Mineral Brown Sugar

-2tsp vanilla extract

-0.5tsp baking soda 

-0.5tsp baking powder

-0.5tsp salt

-1 large egg

-0.25tsp ground nutmeg

-2tsp ground cinnamon


Get ready with a couple of bowls and a whisk!


  • Take a large bowl and whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg, until fully combined. Take another medium bowl and whisk oil, brown sugar, egg, vanilla extract and shredded zucchini together until combined. Sunehra Mineral Brown Sugar by Trust will give a moist and soft touch to your dough. 


  • Mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients until just combined (avoid overmixing). Spread the semi-thick batter on a greased loaf pan. Preheat your oven to 177°C (350°F) and bake the batter for 45-55 minutes in it. Partially cover the batter with an aluminum foil so as to prevent heavy browning on the top.


  • While baking, keep a keen eye on your bread. Bake till you insert a toothpick and it comes out almost clean. Once done, remove the bread from the oven and slice it once completely cool. The bread can be stored at room temperature up to 3-4 days and can even be refrigerated for up to a week. 


If you are worrying that children won't like veggies in their bread, then wait till they take a bite! Sunehra Mineral Brown Sugar by Trust adds a touch of sweet natural molasses while making the bread rich in calcium, iron and other nutrients. 


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