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This Father's Day, bring sweet nostalgia back!


Remember those cream filled flaky pastry inside the glass jars? Those finger licking cream rolls in the bakery stores. Want to bring back those million dollar memories for your father? 


Make this Father's Day special and filled with nostalgia! 


  • Take the puff pastry sheets and thaw them before using. If you try to unfold the frozen sheets, they will break immediately.  


  • Now lightly dust your work platform with flour and roll the dough to make it thinner before using it. Make strips of the dough using a knife or pizza cutter. The strips should neither be too wide nor too thin. 


  • Take a metallic cone and then shape the strips one over the other on the cone. If you don't have a metallic cone, worry not, cause we have you covered! You can simply make a homemade cone using thick chart paper and cover it up with foil paper. 


  • The cones are then baked for 20 minutes or until the sides and bottom are dry and the top is rich golden brown in colour. An egg white wash enriches the golden colour but if you are a vegetarian, you can use milk as an alternative. There will be no difference in taste whatsoever. You will be surprised to see that puff pastry can puff up to 8 times! 


  • Add cold heavy cream, icing sugar and vanilla extract in a chilled bowl. Mix them together with an electrical mixer until the cream is thick and soft peaks form. Icing Sugar by Trust blends like magic with your flavors and enhances your cream by giving it an enriched taste. The finely powdered granules mix well and prevent clumping which improves the flow of the cream while you fill in the baked puff rolls using a piping bag. 


Let's recap the ingredients once: 

-Ready to use puff pastry sheet 

-1 tbsp egg wash or milk  

-1 tbsp all purpose flour 

-1 cup whipping cream 

-2 cups icing sugar 

-1 tsp vanilla 


Your homemade cream rolls are all fresh and ready to be served. Icing Sugar by Trust enhances the texture of the cream and the perfect sweet taste is surely going to win your father's heart and bring tears of joy to his eyes!  


Make this Father's Day delightful and special with us! To try out, follow the link below: