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Fitness Mantra for Diabetes!


Do you crave desserts but are worried about your diabetes? Worry not! Cause we have you covered. 


Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to make enough insulin or inadequately uses it. Insulin is a hormone produced by the liver and it regulates the blood glucose level. High blood sugar or hyperglycemia leads to diabetes. Although diabetes has no medical cure yet, you can largely prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.


Health can always be maintained basically by two aspects, right diet and regular exercise. Whether you want to prevent diabetes or want to keep the blood sugar levels low in your body, we have your answer!


Regular exercise should be a key activity in your daily lives. It helps to keep your weight in check and increases insulin sensitivity. While exercising, your muscles use glucose effectively which leads to reduced blood sugar levels. Various useful forms of exercise include brisk walking, cycling, running, dancing, swimming, and many more.


Maintaining a right diet is a necessity if you want to lead a healthy life. A low carb diet reduces blood sugar levels, manages it in the long run and prevents blood sugar spikes. Foods rich in fiber slows sugar absorption and also helps in weight management.


Glycemic index is a measure of how your body absorbs food and it affects the rate at which blood sugar rises. G-Low by Trust is a 100% natural low GI sugar that is made with pure cane and enriched with advanced and innovative sugarcane extract. With the same taste as regular sugar, it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and gives you long-lasting energy.


Some of the lifestyle changes are also very essential:

  • Adequate sleep- Quality sleep helps you in maintaining blood sugar levels and promotes a healthy weight. 
  • Manage stress- Relaxation methods and certain exercises significantly reduces stress and reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Stay hydrated- Drinking enough water helps to keep your blood sugar levels within healthy limits.
  • Maintain body weight- Keeping a moderate weight helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and decreases your risk for developing diabetes.


Eating healthy will always keep you fit and away from any disorder. G-Low Sugar by Trust is a treat for your sweet tooth without compromising your health. Make a decision for a healthier life!


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