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Celebrate this Independence Day with Tricolour Macarons


Independence Day always brings a sense of pride with it. And that demands a celebration in a very special way! This Independence Day, ditch the regular samosa or jalebi and indulge in some delicious tricolour macarons, a French dish inspired from the Indian flag. 


These delicate sandwich cookies include everything that you will love to relish with your family on this national holiday. May it be the fluffy base or the creamy filling inside, it has just the right amount of sweetness to complement your taste buds! 


Grab the ingredients for this special recipe! 

  • For macarons:

-80ml (0.3 cup) water

-100g (0.25 cup) egg white

-125g (0.4 cup) almond powder 

-80g (1 cup) Superfine Sugar by Trust 

-125g (1 cup) Premium Icing Sugar by Trust

-2 drops orange gel colour 

-2 drops green gel colour 


  • For filling:

-80g (0.3 cup) fresh cream

-50g (0.25 cup) chocolate 

-2tsp vanilla extract 


Let's start with some patriotism and love!


  • Take a large bowl and mix almond powder with icing sugar. The fine granules of Premium Icing Sugar by Trust mixes quickly within seconds. Set aside and take a saucepan. Heat water and superfine sugar over a medium flame, without stirring.


  • Beat the egg whites and add the cooked sugar mixture to it. Superfine Sugar by Trust blends in and gives a creamy texture. Whisk the mixture until it becomes cool. The resulting meringue will be thick and shiny. Scrape this into the almond powder mixture and slowly blend it. 


  • Divide the batter into two parts and add the gel colours in each part respectively. Squash the mixture properly with a rubber spatula to ensure uniform mixing. Pipe the coloured batter into the cookie baking sheets. Let them dry for about 45 minutes and in the meantime, preheat your oven to 130°C. Bake the macarons for 15-17 minutes and cool them once done.


  • For preparing the filling, heat the cream in a pan and add the vanilla extract to it. Melt the chocolate and add it to the cream. Cool the mixture and fill in a piping bag. Pipe the filling on a green shell and put an orange shell on the top!


Ain't you getting the tricolour vibes already!? Then what's holding you back? Make this Independence Day delightful and special with Trust Sugars


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