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Mishri In Ayurveda


Mishri has numerous effects. Some of them are:

Netrya – Good for eyes

Kshatakshinahara – Removes fatigue or tiredness

Saraka – Laxative

Shukravardhaka – Improves seminal fluid in males

Balakaraka – Improves strength

Rakta-pittahara – cures bleeding disorders

Chardighna – Treats vomiting and nausea

According to Ayurvedic texts, Mishri is also used in the following ways:

  • During summers, the consumption of drink made up of dry fruits with mishri is recommended by Ayurveda as it helps to reduce pitta and vata dosha.
  • Mishri is also used as an ingredient in Chyavanaprash, vasavalehya, etc.
  • Mishri also boosts fertility of both the sexes.
  • Mishri with fennel seeds when consumed after a meal helps in easy digestion and prevents acidity.
  • Mishri also helps in increasing lactation.
  • As mishri is satvik in nature, it is advised to use it in small or controlled amounts.



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