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How Disinfectant Is Important!


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what are the uses of disinfectants? How actually it works? Why should we use it? Whether we can use disinfectants in the place of Sanitizers? So many questions start popping in our minds before buying or using such products. Proper knowledge about any product is the key to health prosperity and attaining “bang for bucks” which is certainly on high priority list of common people. It is therefore important to know the difference between sanitizers and disinfectants.

Difference between Sanitizers and Disinfectants   

The main difference between sanitizers and disinfectants is that sanitizers reduce the number of germs on a surface whereas disinfectants kill most of them.

Working of Disinfectants

Disinfectants are the chemical agents which helps to inactivate or destroy microorganisms on inert surfaces. Disinfection does not necessarily kill all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores; it is less effective than sterilization, which is an extreme physical or chemical process that kills all types of life. Disinfectants as products that are used on hard inanimate surfaces and objects to destroy or irreversibly inactivate fungi and bacteria but not necessarily their spores. Disinfectant products are divided into two major types: hospital and general use. Hospital type disinfectants are the most critical to infection control and are used on medical instruments, floors, walls, bed linens and other surfaces. General disinfectants are the major source of products used in households, offices, swimming pools and water purifiers. With the surge in number of cases of corona virus, safety of people depends on high order of hygiene and following safety measures stipulated by GOI. Here disinfectants play a vital role in maintaining hygienic standards. Every single time when a person steps out of their house may carry germs and bacteria unknowingly through their shoes or outfits. That’s where disinfectants come into play. They wipe out 99.9% of germs which could have become a carriers of disease. Coming to the widely asked question that is whether we should use sanitizer or disinfectants. There could possibly be one answer that both have its own importance in their own specifications. None can undermine each other’s importance when it comes to working. Experts suggests to use both in terms to maintain hygiene.


Here I suggest some brands of disinfectants which would certainly help in maintaining hygiene and freshness in terms of fragrance.

1. Purell multi surface disinfectants

2. Lysol disinfectant

3. Trust multi surface disinfectant

4. Clorox disinfecting wipes

5. Dettol disinfectant spray

To know more about disinfectants, follow the disinfectant website: