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Kids' special Peppermint Candy Recipe!


Are you planning a party for your kid? You got the soft drinks, salty chips, but what about something sweet? Something sugary, crunchy and completely irresistible!

Peppermint candies are here kids! These luscious candies with the colourful outside coated with Premium Icing Sugar by Trust are something you can't keep your hands off. Well good news, you can easily double or triple the volume for a greater crowd!


Grab these 4 simplest ingredients to become party ready!


Quick tip, children are great at mixing!

  • Take a large bowl and pour the rice chex cereal into it. Melt the white chocolate in your microwave oven and pour it on the rice cereal. Fold in the chocolate until all of the cereal is completely covered. Add the crushed candy canes and fold in carefully.
  • Pour the mixture into a zip-top plastic bag and add icing sugar to it. Secure the seal properly and shake until the entire mixture is coated with icing sugar. The fine granules of Premium Icing Sugar by Trust forms a dusty coat on your candies, giving them the perfect sweet taste!


These lip smacking candies are perfect for any kids' party! Just 10 minutes to mix together and you will simply become the best host! Premium Icing Sugar by Trust will make sure that every child asks for more and more. Be prepared!


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