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G-Low is the perfect sugar to enjoy sweetness while maintaining health. It is 100% natural cane sugar enriched with advanced and innovative sugarcane extracts and has a 30% lower Glycemic Index (GI) rating than other sugars, making it perfect for the health conscious part of you. G-Low tastes the same as your regular sugar. Get long lasting energy while managing your weight and without having to compromise on sweetness. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and also your sweet tooth, after all they don’t have to be enemies of each other.


Studies have shown that a Low Glycemic Index diet have several health benefits such as,

  • It overcomes hunger
  • Decreases the risk of Type-2 diabetes
  • Speed up fat burning
  • Assist is management of diabetes
  • Improves blood glucose levels
  • Reduce insulin resistance
  • Improves blood cholesterol
  • Maintain your metabolic rate
  • Provide long lasting energy
  • Maintain an active lifestyle


Available Packing for Trust G-Low Sugar

Trust G-low Sugar (Low GI Sugar) Available in 500 gm, 1 KG and 200 gm Sachets



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