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Business Segments

Over the years the company has transformed itself from a Sugar Manufacturing Company to a consumer-centricdiversified Agri-Business and FMCG major, with a strong portfolio of Consumer Brands acrossthe staples, foods, beverages, home & personal care and agri-inputs categories.


We are one of India’s fastest growing FMCG brands, with a strong presence across all major channels of distribution, including General Trade, Modern Trade, Online Marketplaces, HORECA and Institutions. The Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of staples and FMCG products under various specialized brands such as Trust, Sunehra, SIPP, G-Low, and SOM, spanning categories such as food, beverages, home and personal care, and agri-inputs. Read More...



We are one of the India’s leading producers of high-quality premium sugar and derived products.We operate some of the largest integrated sugar complexes in India. With a strong export and domestic focus, we produce and sell international standard refined, pharmaceutical-grade and specialty sugars to the retail and bulk institutional customers in India and abroad. Our customers in this segment span major FMCG companies, beverages brands, pharmaceutical companies, food processors and some of the largest food companies in the world. Read More...


We are one of the India’s largest producers of ethanol with three operating distillery units.Ethanol is a natural byproduct in our Manufacturing Units, and serves as the principle ingredient in alcoholic beveragesas well as a range of FMCG products ranging from personal care and beauty products in addition to commercial products such as paints and varnishes. In addition, ethanol finds its major use in blending with gasoline/ petrol to create cleaner fuel for all transport vehicles. Read More...


Clean Power

Our primarily bagasse-driven Co-Generation Power Units are an example of clean energy derived from renewable sources, directly from farms. Our power business aims to make clean energy accessible to the people at highly affordable rates, while also not harming the environment. This surplus power generated after our captive usage has enabled us to lighten the areas surrounding the factory with reliable and clean electricity, while also exporting electricity to the National and State Power Grids. Read More...



Our Agri-inputs Division is built upon a key underlying philosophy to maintain and boost the health of our farmers’ key resource – farm and soil - through natural, organic, microbe-rich nutrients. The innovative range of products, under the SOM brand name, are built using the rich expertise of the Company accumulated by working on the ground with over 1 lakh farmers over 8 decades. The SOM range has a wide variety of products that cater to the entire lifecycle of various crops, including Organic Bio-Manures, Bio-Compost, Plant Nutrients, Plant Growth Regulators and Herbicides. These products are the perfect option for small and large farmers, farm producer organizations, plantations such as tea estates, as well as food processing organizations that are looking to boost their organic range of products. Read More...


Technology & Engineering Consulting

Over the last 8 decades, Simbhaoli has garnered rich experience in designing, building and operating technology-led manufacturingunits with a specific focus on agricultural produce-driven manufacturing. To leverage its R&D capabilities, technical expertise and seasoned team of technocrats, Simbhaoli offers techno-commercial and engineeringservices to various manufacturing companies in India, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, our team has deep expertise in management of large farming operations, adoption of the latest cutting edge technology in agriculture, and best practices of manufacturing to enable modern, efficient and technology-led manufacturing units. Read More...


Agriculture Advisory

Working with over 100,000 farmers in rural Uttar Pradesh, our team has developed a deep knowledge of best practices in farm management, farm assessment and planning, soil health management, introduction of innovative and integrated farming models, market linkage services to modern food supply chains. Our advisory services have led to transformational impact for our farmers by helping them optimize yields, navigate disruptive agricultural trends, adopt the latest technology and crop varieties, be prepared for crop diseases and infestation, and proactively prepare for shifts in farming practices though our over 8 decades of expertise. Read More...


Logistics & Transport

Our Logistics and Transport Divisionmanages the transportation and logistics requirements for all group companies as well as provides third-party transport and logistics services to major FMCG and Pharma companies as well. Starting from the farm and village-based collection centres, to our manufacturing units, to our national network of warehouses, depots, dealers and distributors, as well as national and local retailers, our Logistics Division manages the end-to-end supply chain for our raw materials and finished products. Externally, it also provides Third-Party Logistics (3PL) servicesto major FMCG, Pharma and Food Companiesincluding Farm-Fresh-Produce supply chains. Read More...


Spirits & Liquors

From beer to brandy to whisky and rum, Simbhaoli manufactures the finest quality of small-batch handcrafted spirits as well as Indian Made Foreign Liquor for both Indian and overseas markets. Some of our most popular consumer brands include Xing Vodka, Seven Spirits Rum, and Board’s Verdict Whisky. We are one of the quality manufacturers of CL in Uttar Pradesh as well. As part of a manufacturing collaboration with Allied Blenders Private Limited, Simbhaoli manufactures and packages their premium liquors for the Indian market. Simbhaoli has established exclusive marketing and selling tie-ups with the world’s leading liquor manufacturers for sale of their products in India. At present, the business is operating in 13 states and supplying to over 250 wholesalers. A direct export of ENA and IMFL products is being made to various African, Middle Eastern and South East Asian countries. There has been a favourable socio-demographic environment leading to very fast growth in the alcoholic beverage segments. The rising disposable income, growing middle class, shift in drinking habits, more young and women becoming the consumers are the major factors driving growth. Indian potable spirits and liquor business has been growing at a rate of 10 to12 percent year on year. Projected growth in the IMFL segment is pegged at 15% annually for the next 5 years. Read More...