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Clean Power

Our power business aims to make cleaner power accessible to the people.

Our primarily bagasse-driven Co-Generation Power Units are an example of clean energy derived from renewable sources, directly from farms. Our power business aims to make clean energy accessible to the people at highly affordable rates, while also not harming the environment. This surplus power generated after our captive usage has enabled us to lighten the areas surrounding the factory with reliable and clean electricity, while also exporting electricity to the National and State Power Grids.

Research or model farms near or at each of our units grow different cropvarieties noted for their quality and yield attributes. The crop varieties are then closely scrutinised for disease and pest resistance at the lab. Based on these findings, continuous feedback is provided to farmers, with whom we are in close contact at every stage of the crop cycle.


REC, a state unit for rural electrification, is under obligation to buy green power. To fulfil this we are also working towards collecting dry leaves, farm waste and other bio-waste materials in neighbouring areas and using it to generate power. This helps in reducing carbon emissions since most of the farm waste is otherwise usually set on fire. Thus, green power reduces our carbon footprint by supplying sustainable energy while also providing an alternative to traditional means of disposal.

The company’s current aggregate power generation capacity stands at 108 MWH across two major Co-Gen Power Units in east and west Uttar Pradesh. Simbhaoli group has a long term PPA with Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) for supply of power.The biomass-based cogeneration project works on clean fuel. The Power plant is not dependent on coal and also utilizes the waste generated in sugar production. The sugar biomass and wood waste are also used as input for Power plant.This plant-based power is produced for captive consumption as well asfor supply to the national grid under REC.