Brands Sugar


The Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of FMCG products and staples under various specialized brands spanning categories such as food, beverages, home and personal care, and agri-inputs. Its flagship brand, Trust?, commands a significant share of the Indian market.Through the last few decades, under our umbrella brand, Trust?, our range of specialized brands such as Trust Classic, Sunehra, G-Low, SIPP, and SOM, have grown quickly to become some of India’s and Asia’s largest trusted and reliable consumer FMCG brands and had made its space in the kitchens of health conscious families.


Our range of food products are sold under various recognized household names, such as Trust Classic, Sunehra, and G-Low. The range includes food products such as Trust Classic White Refined Sugar,and Mishri; Sunehra Brown Mineral Sugar, Jaggery (Gur) and Jaggery Powder (Shakkar); and G-Low productsfor pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. With a strong focus on providing not just the staples in your kitchen, but also innovative products for the consumers’ changing food and dietary preferences, our foods products are consumed by over 200 million consumers.



Our SIPP brand of Vitamin-enriched, refreshing Instant Fruit Drink Mixes are available in a wide range of real, natural flavours such as Mango, Orange and Lemon. The products taste like the fruits and are enriched with Vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, we also have launched SIPP Tender Coconut Water, packed with the goodness of real coconut water and enriched with vitamin B and potassium.Our offerings in the beverages segment are trusted by moms for their children; athletes for their energy boost; and as refreshing drinks by families across India and the Middle East.


Home & Personal Care

Meticulously adhering to the WHO-Recommended formulae for hand hygiene and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare-approved Guidelines for sanitation of public spaces, our affordable range of homeand personalcare products such as Trust? Hand Sanitizers and Multi-Surface Disinfectants deliver precisely the security and safety you need to feel safe and secure, whether spending time at home with family, or stepping out to your workplace. Our products are gentle on your hands and surfaces, but not on the germs. In addition to our end consumers, our HPC products are used by institutions such as the Central, State and Local Governments, Municipal Corporations, leading Hospital chains, Airlines, Railways, Cab Companies, and Hospitality clients, in addition to retailing across major pharmacies, online platforms, and offline retailers across India.