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Our hands are magical, they pet dogs, play the best instruments, make wondrous presentations and what not. Why not protect them from the viruses and bacteria that plague every corner of this city. Trust hand sanitizers, which is alcohol based, is your go to solution. Fight viruses and bacteria, without any hassle. Hygienic hands mean a healthy body. Trust sanitizers are safe for all, from kids to the elderly and they leave your hands fragrant without drying them.


Key Features of Trust Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers:

  • WHO RECOMMENDED FORMULA: # 1 Recommended World Health Organization Formulation For Hand Hygiene (Ethyl Alcohol : 80% V/V, Glycerol I.P. : 1.45% V/V, Hydrogen Peroxide I.P. : 0.125% V/V).
  • GENTLE ON HANDS: Fragrant and gentle on hands, while keeping them clean without drying them
  • PROTECTION AGAINST DISEASES: Strong Antiseptic Effects Against Bacteria and Viruses.
  • Effective on protection from COVID-19 Corona Virus
  • ON THE GO PROTECTION : Available in portable sizes and also dispensers.


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